June 13, 2009

Hoops 'n fuchs

Mounted a set of Deep6 on Joops bus this weekend, together with a set of adjustable springplates.
It was a hell of a job, and I did cost a lot of phonecalls before we knew what spacer set-up we should run, but the result is AWESOME!!!
Enough clearance, and a f*cking great stance :)

Ohh, and before I forget........THE PANEL IS IN THA HOUSE!!!

What's wrong in this picture?! :S


Volksprojects said...

You MOB did't a nice job on that one!!!!

volksaddiction said...

Thnx m8!!!
We're happy with it, was a lot of work to found out how to fit the rear wheels, but it worked out nicely :)
I think he even can fit 15mm instead of 20mm!