October 29, 2008

New wave Mike in tha house !!

Yet again, Mike (NWM) is in Holland again, and this time he brought his girlfriend Heather!
We trying to do as much as we can, and show them around in the Netherlands :D
But first.......AMSTERDAM!
And when you are there, you have to eat at "new king" at the zeedijk!
We had a great evening :P
More will folllow soon...........

October 8, 2008

Aircooled Cruise night #39

Last night we had the 39th Aircooled Cruise Night in Zevenhuizen!
More then 30 cars showed up, much better then last month :D
We made it trough 11 p.m., before the threw us out of the cafetaria ;)
Check out the pictures we made, and see you all @ the winter edition!!!
Click on the images to go to the gallery.

October 2, 2008

bus is ready...for now!

I worked 2 more days on the bus, just to get it MOT/APK worthy :S
Left side of the bus is really gone bad after 7 years......
But,after a full day of welding/grinding,the bus is at the MOT-station!
Hope that it's all good right away, don't have any time to do more work on it........there are some slam-jobs waiting :D