August 20, 2012

M.I.V.W. 2012

Feeling hot hot hot!
That's how we can describe this M.I.V.W. event.........38 degrees.
But it was, in one word, AWESOME!
More and more cars every year, big thumb up for the organisation!!
We drove up there early, and went home when it became really hot, and the perking was soooooooo big we even didn't see every car.
Here are some teasers, lots more on the meetings page on the left, or go directly to this page:

August 13, 2012

Aircooled Cruise Night #67

Now i'm on the roll........I'll post up the pics from the last cruienight too!
It was number 67 allready, and time for another Concour D'elegance :D
Winners are:
- Best Type 1: Mark Welling
- Best Type 2: Sonny Madsoleh
- Best Type 3: Remco Lange
- Best Overige VW: Dennis Hamminga
- Best of Show: MarCo de Waal

Some teasers, more on the cruisenight page on the left!

Le Bug Show 2012 - Spa Franchorchamps!

It has been a while that I updated my website, but with the new laptop it's easier to work on the site again!
So in a few days I will post more, Cruisnight 67, Chimay, etc etc etc!
Here are a few shots from last weekends Bug Show in Spa (B)
Had an awesome time with the OSC crew, and the deluxe is "hufterproof" !!
More pics on the meetings-page on the left!

May 22, 2012

Aircooled Scheveningen 2012

Aircooled Scheveningen was awesome!!!!!
It took us a looooooooooot of work to arrange a show like this, but it worked out even better then we've expected,
More then 350 cars showed up, less then planned...due to a rain- and thunderstorm early in the  morning.
But around 10 am the sun came out, and everybody got a teint at the end of the day!
Only thing I can say.....hopefully bigger (and better?!) next year!!!
All the pics here!

April 5, 2012

Last tuesday was the first official cruisenight for this season!
a lot of cars showed up, so we're happy to see that everybody still likes it and come back every year!!
Here are some pics of the #63 cruisnight, splits, ovals, all kind of was awesome!
Some teasers, the rest of the pics in the cruisenight section on the left!

January 2, 2012

New purchase

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
It's been a while since our last post, due to the lack of time because we moved to a new house :)
But I got the intensions to start posting more often from now on, starting with this oval!
I bought it from my friend who didn't have the time to finish this project.
Last year I helped out with a lot of work, like the welding, lowering and narrowing of this oval, and now we have to finish the oval ourselves..
I started with the engine, that was awaiting for a long time to be build back in.
Taillights mounted, completed the dashboard with parts I bought in Sweden last's starting to look like a car again!

October 9, 2011

aircooled Cruise Night #62 - October 2011

Last tuesday we had our last Cruisenight for this year, at La Baraque in zevenhuizen!
It was dark real quickly, so not to many pictures.....but there are some good ones :)
Check for yourself overhere
And some teasers:

September 27, 2011

Das Drag Day #9

Last weekend we went to Das Drag Day in Bitburg (Germany)
Awesome weather, and spectacular cars on the strip, so it was a perfect weekend :)
The rave on saturdaynight was crazy, tunes from 1992 so we had a party all night long!
The whole sunday relaxed at the strip, best weekend ever.....check it out for yourself!
And some teasers to get in the mood ;)

Rough landing...