January 30, 2010


That's a good year!
Especially when it's a turkish blue beetle, with steeringwheel, seatbelts, shifter and seatframes originally painted n lightblue.......
Really wanted to keep this ride and slam it to the max, but you know how I am.......everything is for sale for a good price.
So this sweet '61 will be cruising near Dordrecht from now on!
Now we have to search for transport for Romy's new ride.....that's a hell of a job :(

January 22, 2010

'57 adopted in Rosenheim

Today Romy's sweet oval was picked up to rest her days in Rosenheim, near the border of Austria.
It was with pain in our heart.....but Romy set her goal for another sweet ride, so the oval had to go to achieve this dream!
Keep an eye on our blog, because in a short matter of time this project will start, and we will keep you up to date on this ride!
And I can assure you, it will be aircooled, pre '57, slammed, narrowed, aproved, as you may expect from a ride that comes out of our stables ;)

Toni, I hope you have as much fun with the oval as we had the last 2 years!

January 10, 2010

KWF 2010

Yesterday we made a shortstop at the Kever Winter Festijn in Holland.
The weatherforcast looked horrible, but untill 17.00 the roads where good to drive on.
But at the time we drove home the A12 looked more like a place for iceskating then for driving :)
We made it home, and had a nice day in Rosmalen!
Didn't make a lot of pictures........too cold outside, and not to much news to see inside.
But, ofcourse some teasers!

the rest can be found here, on the KWF 2010 page.
(Or go to the meeting menu on the left.)

January 6, 2010

Last tuesday we had our anual wintercruisenight!
Not much aircooled cars showed up, but nevertheless it was nice to see everybody for a drink....and not to forget the bus competition :)
Everybody made a lot of work of their 1:14 scalemodel, and the 1st price went to the camper on BRM's, CONGRATULATIONS!
Check out the pictures on the ACN page, and see the samples below.