August 29, 2009

Gettin' dirty.........

.........on  a '03!!
Sometimes you have to go beyond things you can't imagine :D
This car was leaning to one side, so I RAISED the right side 4cm to get it straight.
New FIRESTONE F560 tires, and some new torsionbar covers,you can see why.

All done, ready to roll again!

August 26, 2009

'68 ready to roll!

Finally finished Chantal's '68 last night, and it's going for MOT today :)
New restored floorpan, new schocks all around, new brakes all around, CB dropped discbrake spindles, 4 new tires.... that car is (and drives) like new!
So that should be easy today.
(And we allready  turned the stabilizer, the owner that restored the pan mounted it upside-down :S)

August 19, 2009


Wednesdaynight isn't very different then tuesdaynight :D
Yet again a shitload of friends dropped by to check out some buses.
Hans and Chris from t2only, and Iss from spikecity dropped by for a chat and some coffee.
It was a fun night!!! (but nevertheless............not much work done as usual, haha :D)

August 18, 2009


Just an ordinary tuesdaynight at the garage.
Loads of friends showed up for the annual (read:weekly) pizzaparty! 
More cars where parked up front and behind the gate, but I can't block the whole front of the garage, LOL

August 17, 2009

And more.........

Some more pictures from the stuff we did last weekend.
We painted a small section on the front of Rays bus becauase we welded a new piece of metal in the window frame. After that we mounted the window again with a new WBW rubber, fits like a glove!The hula girl was showing some booty while we where working  on the front window b.t.w.  :D
And we did some welding and smoothening again on the ''s a rust-bucket!

August 16, 2009

Loads of work...

Yesterday we did an awefull lot of work, just for one day :)
I finished a 5" beam for a friend of mine and welded the windowframe on Ray's bus in the afternoon, while Romy was sanding the '66 to get rid of some rust on it!
Some old  logo's appeared on the bus,  from an old machinefactory in Austria, WICKED!
When there was some time left, I allready painted 2 wheels on the panel and mounted the whitewalls..........looks really cool IMHO!

On my way back home I played a littlebit with my new DSLR camera and the fish-eye lense that arrived the other day ;)

August 10, 2009


Friend of mine asked me to put his '68 bug on a different pan, because there was some "minor" rust below the chassishead.
F*CKING HELL, only one bolt was tight enough to hold the frontaxle, the other three where complete rusted away behind the axle.
Also the whole front chassis-support was gone......unbelievable!

Some pictures to show how bad it really was:

August 5, 2009

Aircooled Cruise Night #45

Good food, good weather, full parking, and a lot of friends showed up at the aircooled cruisenight at La Baraque again :)
Too bad some farmers had to finish their work, but we had enough space in the back t give everybody a spot to park!
Next month we will do the Concour délegance again, for now....the pictures from last night!

Click here, or go to the Cruisenight page in the left menu  <--

August 3, 2009

done with the panel!

A picture says more then a thousand words!
(so I'll shut the f*ck up and post some pics ;)

August 2, 2009

Panel frontend ready!

Yesterday we finished the front of the panel............
New joints, brake lines, etc etc.
The stance is sweet, only problem is the 'balloons" on the front wheels....205x70x14  :S
So this week the wheels will get a sweet black paintjob, and other tires.
165x65 up front, and 185x65 in the rear, with a set of whitewalls to give it a retro touch!
Here's some pics from the work so far :)