May 22, 2011

'68 sunroof deluxe going down!

Because I sold the panel last week, it's time to start working on the desertfound sunroof deluxe!
Plans are to lower it front and rear, add a set of sprintstars, and get the sunroof working again :)
I will post pictures from the work on the deluxe on the blog the next couple of weeks.

Got an axle at work, so I can make a beam first!

Add some adjusters on both axles:

Get the bus into the garage:


More later this week!!

May 17, 2011

Turkish '61 meets 4" beam

Last weekend I helped out Jeroen by mounting a 4" narrowed beam on his '61
He only had dropped spindles, and with the 5,5x15 Empi wheels the tires rubbed the fenders.....
We were hoping the car would be the same height with the axle in his highest position as standard, but it dropped an extra 2"!!
Looks sweet, and he will get used to it........I hope!


May 16, 2011


Awesome picture, as found on the web!

May 15, 2011

Arnhem Dub-inn

Today we took the oval to a local show in Arhem, the Arhem dub-inn!
It was held for the 5th time, and we had a great time!
Two or three little rainshowers, but after that the sun came right back again!
At the end of the day I took 1st price in the aircooled category, sweet!!!
Check out the pics I took, not much......but we were way to busy with chatting, and I got a photoshoot for a magazine that took some time aswell :)
More pics here!

May 9, 2011

Drop it!

Last weekend I lowered my friend Dennis his freshly restored '67 bug!
He didn't want to do an extreme loweringjob, so I made him a 2,5" narrowed and adjustable beam.
Just a 3" lower up front, the rear end already had a littlebit negative camber, so we kept it like that.
Turned out great if I may say so, happy cruisin'!

May 3, 2011

Aircooled Cruise Night #57

Good weather, a bit a lot of people took off early.
But nevertheless 53 cars showed up!
Really nice, and it looks like more and more ovals show up every time :)
Check out the pics here!