August 30, 2010

rollin' trought the rain....

Came across this picture, somebody took a picture of us when we were rollin' the A12, nice!

August 27, 2010

dirty fuelline!

This is no trick or photoshop!!
There's a '58 beetle at our shop at the moment that came all the way from Portugal, and when we opened the hood.........this is what we saw :S
Really don't know what animal it is, from the head I almost thinks it's a small cat, but from the length of the backspline it could be a (huge) lizzard.

August 15, 2010

GRK worldwide

Last week I was asked to join the German Resto Kommando with my '55 oval.

August 10, 2010

Progress on the '56

Not much updates, but we did a lot of work the last few weeks on the '56 oval.
the 6" narrowed beam is mounted, together with dropped spindles, late '58 backingplates with 40mm brakeshoes and a 22mm T1 mastercilinder.
Tha car is nailed to the ground, while it is still on the original swedish spikes :)

August 8, 2010

(more then) 151.000 visitors, thnx!

Aircooled Cruise Night #52 - with Concours!

Last tuesday we had our annual ACN in Zevenhuizen (ZH)
This month we had a concours d'elegance like every year, so it was more crowded then a normal cruise night!
The prizes for tonight where a metalflake bowlingpin made by Romy!
We took our split and oval to the show.......and at the end of the night we could take our pins home, because Romy took "best typ I", my oval was "best of show"
What a blast!!
And now, the pictures of course, here are some teasers, the rest at the ACN52 page :