August 8, 2011

M.I.V.W. pictures online!

Yesterday we went to the M.I.V.W. meeting at airport Valkenburg near Leiden!
We drove down with some light rain, but as soon as we arrived the sky cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day!
At the end I went home with a third prize, so I got some showcase material again :)
All the pics can be found here, and some teasers below:

August 7, 2011

ACN #60 - with concour!

It was CROWDED last tuesday :D
More then 120 cars came to the annual cruisenight with concour d'elegance, so the parkinglot was too small to park all the cars!
But we managed it to get all the cars on the showground.
Made a lot of pics, here are some samples, the rest on the cruisenight page!

To all prizewinners, congratulations!

MIVW event 2011

Third big show with the oval, and my third prize is in the pocket!
After my 1st and 2nd prize at the Dub-in Arnhem and Schagen, I won the 3rd prize at the MIVW event today!