May 30, 2010

New swedish 1956 project arrived!

Our newest project arrived at the shed today :)
THis one is gonna be for my buddy Alex, who helped me out with the split and the oval, so nowe it's time to do something back :)
Butt ugly..............but solid, never welded, superclean interior, and complete!
Future plans: 5"narrowed, slammed to the max, nice color, and some different wheels.
Keep an eye on the blog after the 22nd of June, then the resto will start ;)

May 24, 2010

One car budel-proof, one to go!

The split is ready to rumble!
First testdrive(s) today, and we made the first 130 km save and sound.
Check out the rollinshots we made today!

Keverland Pinkterdagen

Today we drove the split to the keverland pinksterdagen.
First show with the '52!
Drove great, only still a small fuel leakage.
Here are some pictures!
And in the corner our latest project, a '57 oval ;)
More pictures here !!

Small progress

Last few days we didn't do much!
Just some washing, waxing, polishing, mounted the Robri stoneguards on the oval, and I have a spare gasburner in the oval!
Today we will be cruising with the split, more pictures tonight!

May 17, 2010

MOT today!

The '52 is officially dutch now!
With some help of Brenda I brought the '52 to the RDW today for the vin-number checkup.
We used a trailer, because the carb was leaking a littlebit and I didn't want to take changes with this car.
Everything went well and hopefully at the end of this week we will have the dutch papers for the '52 split!

May 15, 2010

Fin"ny"shed !!

Today we worked on the split.
Mounted the fenders, taillights, bumper, molding, etc etc etc.
It's a split again!!
And my neighbour Frank polished the rear with his special equipment, it's shines like new :)
After the RDW check the rest will be polished too.
It turned out really awesome as I may say so.
More pictures on the finny page

May 13, 2010

right fender primered on the '52

The right fender is painted too, so this will get his paint on tomorrow!
Hopefully I will make it to get this car to the RDW mondaymorning, otherwise we won't have dutch papers before the end of may!!

May 12, 2010

Interior is ready!

Today I finished the interior of the oval.
Everything is in, only the carpet on the innerfenders and then the backseat can be reassembled.
The glue still has to dry a littlebit, so tomorrow I can rub out all the small wrinkles.
Left pop out mounted too, so the only thing that's left is start the engine and make a testdrive :D

May 9, 2010


Because of mothersday we couldn't stay all day in the shed, but we made some progress again :)
Niels ( dropped by to have some coffee and shoot some pictures of the progress from both cars irl, and Roger dropped by because he had to make a testrun with his oval and to get his hands dirty on my car.
So the right door is all finished too, thnx Roger!
Ofcourse we made some pictures again today, check it out:

May 8, 2010

13 hours of works (3x)

We started today at 9 a.m., and I closed the door at 10 p.m.
What a day!
But, we made some serious progress on both cars, and I got more and more the feeling we really gonna make it to Budel with the '52 and '55.
Check out the oval page and split page for more pics, here some sneak previews ffrom today!
Thanx to Bart, Alex and Frank for all the help, and Reinoud and Marijn for the visit!!

May 5, 2010

Aircooled Cruisenight #50!

Loads of fun at the aircooled cruisenight again!
A lot of cars showed up, although it was the 4th of May, and it was a bit chilly.
Didn't count the cars, but probably 50+ cars showed up, NICE!
Here are some pictures from tonight, the rest on the 50th cruisenight page

May 3, 2010

Headliner is in for 2/3, only the left side needs to be done and that job is finished too!
Rearwindow is mounted too, getting more and more an oval again :)

May 2, 2010

Finally, progress again

Did a lot of work last week, but nothing you can see on pictures.
We did the wiring, semaphores, bleed the brakes, etc etc etc.
Now there's more to see, today we mounted the first door, glued in almost the whole headliner, mounted the front bumper, and some other stuff!
Thnx to Bee and Volksprojects for the great work today!
More pics on the