December 27, 2009

The beetle is ready to see some (more) snow!
This weekend I mounted a roofrack, and we bought a Hapro box to take our boards!
Best wishes for 2010, and we'll see you next year :)

December 21, 2009

bad weather in Holland

What a really bad weather...........I hate snow :S
(although I'm going snowboarding in Germany in less then a week)
But here, it's different!
I arrived in my garage today, and more then 12 inch of snow was waiting for my garagedoor.
So we cruised around in Franks Suburban, that's the car to drive with this kind of weather :D
And some people never learn, we offered him to pull him out....but we didn't bring a rope and he hadn't one either, hahaha :)

December 20, 2009

Snow in Holland

We were expecting some snow............BUT NOT 20cm!!!
It snowed the whole day, so I tried to take the new beetle out for a spin but I couldn't even get it out of the parkingspot :S
Yesterday I made some last pictures from the split, just before it was picked up by the new owner.
The '61 and '57 are outside in the snow at the moment, but the '61 will be gone soon......

December 16, 2009

new daily

After a long long time, we finally bought a new beetle :)
It was something that was on our wishlist for a few years, but we finally decided to sell the seat and live the dream!
It's a 2.0 Highline executive, with only 74.000 miles on the counter.
Black leather interior with seat heatening, middle armrest, Airco, ABS, ESP, rear spoiler, lowered with a Stroeve motorsport suspension kit, Xenon, foglights, etc etc etc.
This is one of the pictures from the advertisement, will make better ones when we picked it up on saturday!
Beetle is now on the original 16" aluminum wheels, don't know for sure if I will ever mount the Audi wheels back on, those are 20" and a littlebit to big imho :S

December 14, 2009

December 13, 2009

'66 up to a better life................

Yesterday we sold our '66 split, that we had for more then 9 years.
Due to the lack of time and space, we decided that is was better for the bus to move on to a new owner who can give the bus the love and attention that it needs.
Hopefully the new owner will have as much (or even more!) fun with the split!

December 12, 2009

Tiki time!

Yesterday we got a real cool present from our friends Janneke a Steve......a pink tiki!!
Cool metalflake, and goldleave volksaddiction logo :D
Big thnx!! we gave it a real cool spot in the hallway!!!

December 6, 2009


How often do you find a car like that?
Sitting in the dirt since 1985, and it seems that a lot of specific parts are missing like the og bumpers, tacho, ribbed semaphores, OG fenters, etc etc.
But nevertheless a sweet chocolatebrown split from 1952.............

November 30, 2009

more progress

Today I went crazy on the inside of the car!
I removed all the glue, and old pieces of headliner and isolation material from the inside of the car.
I sanded the A and B pilar, dash, roofsection, firewall behind the pedals, rear inside, etc etc etc
Looks sweet if I may say so :)
And again one step closer to the paintjob!!

November 29, 2009

Today I testfitted the pop outs in the oval, before the body gets his first layer of epoxy primer.
Don't want to drill holes when the body is painted!!
They are both in and the work fine!
And I welded some nuts in the body for assembling the seatbelts later on (ovals doesn't have any mouting holes or -brackets to mount seatbelts)
So that problem is solved too......
Now I can make some time to start working on those two "Mc Pherson equipped" beetles outside :)
In the meanwhile Romy finished two awesome in candy-apple green with green flakes, and one for her car; an agave green pin slighty flaked with silver flakes!

November 24, 2009

'63 affraid of heights ?

This sweet 63 got some dropped spindles this week.
Tim's car dropped 3 inches, SWEET!
Only need to change the tires in the near future, because the 165R15 will rubb the fenders.......but for now, it works perfect!

November 8, 2009

4,5" beam and My neighbours "infection".....

What a week!!
For my friend Sander I had to make a 4,5" narrowed beam for his new '64 beetle.
And....if it can be ready before the weekend ?! :)
Wel, no problem at all.....beam is waiting for pick-up!

In the meanwhile, my good friend Bjorn helped me out with sanding the oval, so I had the time to remove the support on the rear innerfender because there was a lot of rust behind it.Same with the left corner of the A-pilar.........bottom 3" was gone, and the hinge support came loose from the pilar.The piece under the red line was welded, because an oval has 4 lug patern hinge and a later model a 3 bolt sheetmetal for that!

And my neighbour Frank is reaaaaaaaaally infected with the virus..........what started with a 412LS, is now growing to a collection of 4 oldtimers :)
Next to the 412 there is now a Golf I from 1980, a notchback from 1973, and a Golf I convertible from 1986 is on its way :)Even our garage cat  likes the notch, he walked around it like he owned it :)

Brian's first birthday

Last weekend Oskar and Gladys son Brian celebrated his very first birthday!
So Romy made a special paint bowlingpin for him, in blue with gold flakes......ofcourse with number one on the front made with stars ;)
Because the pin got a littlebit chilly we bought him a nice and warm vest (with stars...what else :D)
Congratulations Brian!

November 4, 2009

Weekly crowd

After the pizzaparty on tuesdaynight, last night Reinoud and Dennis showed up with a friend that bought a stock '64beetle......yuch!!
This car also have to "meet" the street, so I'm going to make a 5" narrowed beam in combination with a set of dropped's going to be a scraper too!
It was a nice (cold!) evening, littlebit clowdy and a full moon, so I took some cool pictures!

Check them out, and an update about that 5" axle will follow soon ofcourse :)