June 29, 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf Invasion 2009

We made it to the most beautiful village all over Germany.......Hessisch Oldendorf :)
We had the best spot on the campsite.....not grass, but GRAVEL!
(That's because doug was taking care of the "grass" allready, you know what I mean right ?!)
What a very very impressive show, one to never forget.

Here some sneak preview, much much more in the gallery !

Heyyyy, can we stop for a second ?

Our first stop in Belgium, not one problem!

And here it is, Hessisch oldendorf with an awesome split line-up

Parts on the show were awesome, but soooo expensive!


Special thnx to Niels and Marieke for the wonderfull gift they got me from the classic event in California!
It's signed on the bottom by Ron Petro, and the licenseplate says: LEH-OHN!

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