April 26, 2009

Bollenrit 2009

Just got home from the bollenrit 2009 in Noordwijk (NL)
As borat would say....VERY NICE!
It started with a llittlebit rain, but ended with sun on the boulevard of Noordwijk.
Here some pictures to start with, the rest on the bollenrit page!

S.I.N.S 3

Yesterday, we've been to the S.I.N.S hotrod meeting in wieze (B)
Damn, what a cars!!
that's something reaaally different then the Volkswagen shows that we're used to, absolutely awesome!
I'm writing down Bottrop Custom Culture in my Agenda :)
A few teasers, the rest here !

April 14, 2009

can't choose......'70 panel or '68 deluxe

So they're both coming to Rotterdam :)
This one will take longer to get overhere, but it's worth to wait for!
What looked like a pile of rust in first place, turned out to be a very straight, solid AND complete early bay deluxe.
the big spots on the bus are just sanded and primered red&white, that's why it looked like rust/dents in first place.
See the pics for yourself!

Allready buffed the enginelid, and the OG paint is coming out very nice!

April 12, 2009

3" beam on the road

A few weeks ago I made another friend happy with a 3" narrowed beam!
He mounted this one on his '58,  looks killer imho :D
Too bad he has to sell this sweet ride........but he promised me he will come back with something better then this!

April 7, 2009

Cruisenight April 2009

The frst official spring edition of the aircooled cruisenight is a fact :)
More then 48 aircooled cars showed up, and a handfull of typI VW golfs!
Not bad for the first edition :D
Here are some teasers, the rest at the cruisenight page!

April 5, 2009

Romy's new ride!

Yup, a Golf I convertible !
Because romy is making more then 10.000 mils a year with her 52 year old bug, it was a wise decision to buy a second car for long distances and the daily work traffic.
We came across this Golf, with all the paperwork, low milage, lowered, 16" rims, Quartet set, and loads of nice goodies like clear taillights, headlights and turnsignals.
Enough talking, here are some pics!!

More from this shoot here!

April 4, 2009

New in our collection!

On his way from southern California.....a '70 walktrough (!) Panel :D
It has an overhauled 1600 engine, and comes with 2 original front seats and a new frontwindow and all the rubberwork.

Hope to have it here in time, so I can get it ready for Budel!