March 29, 2009

Volksworldshow 2009

Just came back from the Volksworldshow 2009 !
What an awesome show :D
Not as much as showcars as usual, but we had a good time!
I'm f*cking tired right now........but I couldn't resist posting some pics before I went to bed!
Check them out on the Volksworld 2009 page
There are more then 300 pics, so enjoy!

Almost missed the boat on our way back, so we had to travel faaaaast!!

March 14, 2009

And again, and again, and again............

Dropped a ride again!
2,5"  narrowed beam with towers, and dropped spindles :D
Looks smooth IMHO !!
The car is in it's highest position, and it scraping allready..........this one doesn't want to ride high :D

March 8, 2009

40 inches of snow!

Were back from Austria......WHAT A BLAST!!
Never seen so much snow in a short matter of time :)
I will open an album soon, so you can check out more...........even some cool barfinds ;)
(even when we're on holiday we're looking for cool cars and parts!)Here are some teasers, more soon!

Goodmorning Austria!!!!

I'm the only idiot who's going up the hill in a blizzard ! (2315m. - Konigsleitenspitze!)

Where did I park that stupid car ?! (dutch Mercedes 200D station.....)

Romy & Me

Yes, that's really a Jaquar E-type on the addict :S