November 18, 2008

Oldtimer Beurs Rosmalen

Last weekend we visited the oldtimerbeurs in Rosmalen!
To bad we had to go on sunday, so my good friend Kai bought all the beautiful parts on saturday ;)
But, we found some small parts, and the beer and burgers were good!
Next event: Motorshow in Essen, and VEHIKEL in Utrecht.

November 8, 2008

3-prong Centercaps

Thnx to my friend Ray, who tipped me, I finally got a set of Porsche 3-prong centercaps for my gasburners!
Only bad thing is.........I need another set for my RO80 wheels :S
But that's something for the future!
Now working on a polish job, I'm in 3th fase now, grid 1000 ;)
More pics will follow soon!

November 4, 2008

Wheels and fenders

The kubel was standing still for more then 3 years now, so I started to buy some new parts for it....:)

I sold the 6 & 7J cookies, because 15"will rubb the fenders :S
So now it's rolling on 5Jx14" RO80 fuchs wheels!
And.....I bought a set of very nice fenders, loads of rust, but NO welding!
Just needs some sandblasting, and a layer of coating, and they're ready.

Parts for the oval

Mike has left the Netherlands.........but left me an awesome present
A set of N.O.S. HELLA headlight rings for the oval :D
So now I can finally re-assemble my headlights!
Check out the awesome shine on these baby's :P