July 27, 2009

#2 is going down....

Started with the panel today :)
What we can do with a camper, can be done with a panel too!
Gonna make it ready for MOT, so I can drive with it for a while...........because this thing is sweet :P
Only looking fo someone who  can make a nice logo on the side, that's the only thing that's missing on this panel imho!
We'll see what future brings, first things first.....DROP IT!

July 26, 2009

MOT tomorrow ?

Finally, it's a driver again :)
After just a littlebit more then a week, ray's bus is slammed and ready for MOT!
We did more then nessecary, but when everything has to be detached for lowering, it's easier to install new parts when you're working on it.

We raised the front a little for tomorrow, as soon the car has licenseplates, the bus will get closer to the ground again!

In the meanwhile, My friend Michel mounted a set of OG 5,5 and 6X15 fuchswheels on his Porsche 944 calipers that I mounted weeks ago on his earlybay.
Looks killer, much much better then the teledials ;)

July 21, 2009


The westy is ON the floor :)Just one day f hard work, and we fixed the beam, mounted The whole shebang, and put the bus back on her wheels!
Killer stance, if I may say so.......
Just some little tune-up in the next couple of days, and she's ready for MOT!

July 19, 2009

progress on the westy

Worked on the westy yesterday, and it's going great!
With a little help, we dropped the rear and mounted new brakecilinders, -shoes, -lines and hoses......It's better to replace everything at once, so we don't get surprises afterwards!
Tomorrow were going to start on the front end :)
Got some tips from my friend Erwin from volksprojects What's the easiest way to mount the adjusters onto the axle, And he helped me out with some parts that I need to narrow the beam on the panel ;)
(more about that later this month)

Here are some pics of the progress.....oh, and a few pics from a trike that I'm upgrading with a set dual carbs :P

July 13, 2009

Deluxe in tha house!!

Finally, the '69 arrived today :)
What a sweet, sweet car!!
The drive home was great, except for the spider-story the shipper told me just before I left.
There were a large amount of spiderwebs in and underneath the car, and they found at least 12 black widows in the container where the deluxe was shipped with.
So the WHOLE ROUTE I was looking around me if I didn't see something crawling up my knee :)

But I arrived safely and I will let the bus rest for a few days, so the spiders can run away before I start working on it ;)

And we started the loweringjob on Ray's '71 Westy, so that job will be done in a short matter of time!
Watch the streets, this thing will be rollin' deep on Gee's at the end of this week :)

July 7, 2009

Aircooled Cruise Night #44

After all the shows we've seen last weekends, there was still one left on our schedule to go to: ACN #44!!
Due to bad weather only 36 cars showed up........but the rain didn't come out untill 10.30pm!
So we took some pictures as usual!
too bad I didn't make that much, my camera in worn out, and the new one will be mine at the end of this week.

Here are a few nice ones, the rest can be found here:

July 5, 2009


Dyno Don was sweeping up the crowd at the EBI #3 again. 
What a rave !!! Beautiful weather, we all got sunburned from this weekend.

Here some teasers;  the rest (250+) can be found here
Or go to the directory on the left.......meetings -> EBI#3!