March 24, 2010

Stash for the oval

I was looking trough all the parts I've got for the oval......damn, there's a lot to install!
My showcase almost collapse from all the parts that I've collected trough the years :)
Here are a few parts that are on the list: (and there's much more on the other shelfs!)

Flat4 Banjo steeringwheels, NOS headlights with porsche grills, NOS 6V tacho mounted with spacer, NOS clips etc etc.
NOS bugdeflector (not going to install it), Ampco kit, and my set Dell's for the thing :)
NOS Albert mirrors, Empi doorpulls, rear chrometrim, WBW seatbelts, 6V Blaupunkt Bremen, inside mirror with blind, etc etc
NOS doorhandles, NOS Hella rear back-up light, NOS tacho ring, Kienzle clock, NOS T-handle,NOS hella red-tip, etc etc

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