March 9, 2010

polishing Finny

Because my oval has to be ready for the painter before the 20th of march, I don't have much time to work on the split.
So Romy started polishing the original crown profiled trim, and it's turning out beautiful!
The windows didn't open when we bought it, so I had a quick look at it tonight and the mechanisms are working for we can see the original split windows!
And a major "oilleak" was found after we came back from our holiday............problem: the fuelpump is leaking fuel into the enginecase and the oil runs out like water!
We allready had the intension to get the engine out and give it a good overhaul, so that will be fixed next month.
Parts are on its way from Brezelwerks, wolfparts, keverland and collectors in Holland, so when we have the things we need, we can get some work done!
More pictures on the split page :)

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