July 13, 2009

Deluxe in tha house!!

Finally, the '69 arrived today :)
What a sweet, sweet car!!
The drive home was great, except for the spider-story the shipper told me just before I left.
There were a large amount of spiderwebs in and underneath the car, and they found at least 12 black widows in the container where the deluxe was shipped with.
So the WHOLE ROUTE I was looking around me if I didn't see something crawling up my knee :)

But I arrived safely and I will let the bus rest for a few days, so the spiders can run away before I start working on it ;)

And we started the loweringjob on Ray's '71 Westy, so that job will be done in a short matter of time!
Watch the streets, this thing will be rollin' deep on Gee's at the end of this week :)

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Ozzie Smith said...

Nice! I told you you'd love that Deluxe once you saw it in person, straight, DRY, sunroof, and original paint. It is L50 "Brilliant Blau" according to the paint code sticker on the divider wall behind the seat. If I had more time I would have matched the paint, blended the body worked spots, buffed them out, and the exterior is finished. Nothing like a dry California Bus in the Netherlands, huh?