November 8, 2009

4,5" beam and My neighbours "infection".....

What a week!!
For my friend Sander I had to make a 4,5" narrowed beam for his new '64 beetle.
And....if it can be ready before the weekend ?! :)
Wel, no problem at all.....beam is waiting for pick-up!

In the meanwhile, my good friend Bjorn helped me out with sanding the oval, so I had the time to remove the support on the rear innerfender because there was a lot of rust behind it.Same with the left corner of the A-pilar.........bottom 3" was gone, and the hinge support came loose from the pilar.The piece under the red line was welded, because an oval has 4 lug patern hinge and a later model a 3 bolt sheetmetal for that!

And my neighbour Frank is reaaaaaaaaally infected with the virus..........what started with a 412LS, is now growing to a collection of 4 oldtimers :)
Next to the 412 there is now a Golf I from 1980, a notchback from 1973, and a Golf I convertible from 1986 is on its way :)Even our garage cat  likes the notch, he walked around it like he owned it :)

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