December 16, 2009

new daily

After a long long time, we finally bought a new beetle :)
It was something that was on our wishlist for a few years, but we finally decided to sell the seat and live the dream!
It's a 2.0 Highline executive, with only 74.000 miles on the counter.
Black leather interior with seat heatening, middle armrest, Airco, ABS, ESP, rear spoiler, lowered with a Stroeve motorsport suspension kit, Xenon, foglights, etc etc etc.
This is one of the pictures from the advertisement, will make better ones when we picked it up on saturday!
Beetle is now on the original 16" aluminum wheels, don't know for sure if I will ever mount the Audi wheels back on, those are 20" and a littlebit to big imho :S

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