November 29, 2010

Kevins ride, front section done!

Finished Kevins ride last week!
Frontclip was allready removed by the previous owner, so that was an easy job.
Welded a whole new front on the car, the rest is up to Kevin and the painter to get it straight and in a nice colour :)
You will probably see this one rollin' next summer!!


Dave said...

Great images thanks for posting them. I need to do this very job soon but am a bit worried about getting the cuts/ measurements right any chance of a few tips on where to measure to and from before cutting? Also did you come across any problems with the fit of the new panel?
Cheers Dave

volksaddiction said...

Hi Dave,

What I did do is leave the complete profiles on the car, where the tank is resting on, and removed them from the repro front.
Now it's very easy to testfit the front on the car, because it slides over the sides, and then you can easily mark the sides where to cut.
Just mount the hood and you can see if the curves are right.
When you're all set, just weld it with 3 spots on each side, and fit the fenders!
When the fenders fit nicely, take them of and weld the whole front on the car.

Good luck!


Dave said...

Thanks for the reply that helps alot. I don't suppose you have any pictures showing how much you cut off the front end? Guess I need to get ordering panels now!