February 18, 2010

new wheels for the beetle

I bought a set of 5x130 adapters to mount porsche pattern wheels, but several people told me the 7x17" fuchses are not the best quality on a car with this weight and torque......So in my search for some cool wheels for the new beetle, I found some really nice wheels thanks to my friend Hajee from the Aircooled Folks!
It's a set of rare and original ABT sportline wheels in mint condition, with the radical size of 7,5Jx17.
Thnx to my buddyNiels from Airmighty.com I can pick them up in Amersfoort this sunday :)
Thnx guys!!
Here are some pictures, most people think they're ugly, but I like them!! It will look sweet on a slammed beetle for sure :P

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