October 25, 2009

Sightseeing Holland

Yesterday we made a 400 mile roundtrip trough the Netherlands to see some bugs that are for sale, and to visit (some of them spontaniously ;) some friends in the East of Holland.
We started in Twello to see a '71 "spahr käfer".........real solid car, but sadly handpainted by a blind person.
So we continued our trip and suddenly a 21-window samba came around the corner, how often does that happen!!
We drove from Twello to Deventer, and made a  stop at the aircooled.nl shop!It was cool to see Marty's new shop, and see the progress on NWMike's old '60 beetle.After some coffee (thnx for that Marty!), we drove to "Longbridge" in Deventer.
A very small shop that restores Mini's (that's why it's a small shop I think :)
We bought some very cool 5Jx10" wheels for Alex his '78 mini, looked around, and made some pictures, hahahaha

 ...........and then hit the pedal to go to Enschede!In Enschede we had to pick up a friend of Alex, and because we were in the Neighbourhood, we decieded to bring a visit to our good friend Hajee to see the '58 rag and '65 11-window.Too bad the rag was picked up by some belgium people an hour before we arrived, but there was plenty of time to check out the split and have some coffee! (b.t.w., thnx for the axle Hajee!!)

Then we drove back to the slamshop, to blast the 10" wheels, clean the garage out and mount a 40" whiteboard to write down how much pizza's we had on tuesdaynight :)
At the end of the day, last but not least, we had the "nightcruise" trough the south of Holland.
And IT IS Holland, so it rained, rained, rained.........and rained.
We made our own competition, so I drove in the 412LS with my neigbour Frank, and Romy together wit Saskia in a 1300 beetle.
Because of the weather, almost no pictures where taken....too bad!
Just these two, so I'll just post 'm!

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