June 26, 2011

Bad Camberg 2011

Got my pictures from Bad Camberg online!
Awesome show, too bad the weather sucked big time :(
It's the only time you can see that much oval and splits together.
Had a great time, met a lot of Swedish, Danish, American, German, French and Norwegian friends again!
See you guys soon at the EBI4 for sure :)
Some teasers from last saturday, full report here :

159.000 visitors! thnx :D

June 24, 2011

BBT open house

Last night I went to BBT to check out the cars that will drive in a convoy to Bad Camerg this weekend.
The new shop is awesome, lots of new cars in Bob's collection, it was a good party!
Can't wait to go to Bad Camberg this weekend :D
You will find some pics from last night overhere, and some teasers ofcourse!

June 20, 2011


Due to the bad weatherforcast, we didn't bring the oval and the split..........
We drove with "Jokertje", a T3 westfalia to the show :)
Not a showstopper, but when you put the roof up, you're ready to crash at the end of the day!
It was a perfect weekend, and the word of this weekend is "PITA KAAS!"
We made hundreds of then, everybody that drunk too much came by to pick one up ;)
Pictures from the show can be found here, and some teasers ofcourse!

Cruise to Budel:
Nice Tatraplan on saturday:
Marc enjoying a PITA KAAS:
Hanging out with the danish and american folks:
Nice and rare cars at the show on sunday:

June 15, 2011


Last weekend we went to the Bug Run in Sweden, a littlebit for work, but also to enjoy ourselves!
It was sooooooo awesome!!
A lot of watercooled, probably 90% of all the cars that showed up, but nevertheless.....it's worth to go to!
The swap is great, especially when you're looking for pre '60 parts; so we had some good scores :)
I uploaded almost 300 pictures, click here to see the whole gallery!
And some teasers as usual ;)

Patina, rat, or perfect restored.......they have it all!

Serious dragracing on a quartermile strip, wheelie-time!

If you're looking for old parts, you can go crazy here!

Pork.... anyone?

Burn-outs on the campsite :)

June 7, 2011

Aircooled Cruise Night #58

Tonight was the cruisenight at 7huizen again!
Because a lot of people were affraid it would start raining, only 35 cars showed up.....but we had a great time! (thanks to the sheep with the "thing" on his head.....see facebook ;)
Here are the pics from tonight, and a few teasers!

June 6, 2011

Update on the deluxe!

It's back on his wheels, sprintstars that is!
4,5x15ET25 up front, and 5,5x15ET15 on the rear axle :)
Lowered the rear 2 outersplines, notched the springsplates, and mounted new axleboots on the IRS axles.
Now it's time to pimp it up a littlebit, install a radio, overhaul the engine, fix the lights and electrics and get a dutch registration for it :)

June 2, 2011

Deluxe again!

Bit by bit the deluxe is getting better (lower) and better (lower) :D
Yesterday I lowered the rear on one side -2 splines- and mounted the 4,5J spritstars up front!
Looks great IMHO!
The rear axles are filled with dirt and sand, and the axleboots are in very bad condition....
Hopefully the rear will be finished by the end of this week, so I can roll out to see the whole stance of the bus!