March 29, 2010

1200D (ver)Mahle :D

This is what an 1200 engine looks like after a broken valve at 4000RPM :D
But were trying to give re-birth to this engine again, we allready cleaned the case and build it up again.....
More soon, and an update on the painted 25hp engine sheetmetal!
** Recognise this Bjorn ?? **

March 27, 2010

"split" engine :D

Today I had a look at the inside of the 25hp engine, because it was leaking a littlebit after the fuelpump failure when we bought it.
It's seems that the formal owner tried to open the crankhouse with a screwdriver or something, and damaged it a littlebit.
So I cleaned and polished the edges and used red gasket to close the crankhouse, and now it's nice and dry again :)
When Romy finished painting the sheetmetal, this baby can go back in the '52!

March 24, 2010

Bjorn's 1641cc

Finally we finished Bjorn's 1641cc
New 1641cc kit, new heads, central placed weber, lightened flywheel, etc etc etc
The engine is in, testdrive tomorrow :D

Stash for the oval

I was looking trough all the parts I've got for the oval......damn, there's a lot to install!
My showcase almost collapse from all the parts that I've collected trough the years :)
Here are a few parts that are on the list: (and there's much more on the other shelfs!)

Flat4 Banjo steeringwheels, NOS headlights with porsche grills, NOS 6V tacho mounted with spacer, NOS clips etc etc.
NOS bugdeflector (not going to install it), Ampco kit, and my set Dell's for the thing :)
NOS Albert mirrors, Empi doorpulls, rear chrometrim, WBW seatbelts, 6V Blaupunkt Bremen, inside mirror with blind, etc etc
NOS doorhandles, NOS Hella rear back-up light, NOS tacho ring, Kienzle clock, NOS T-handle,NOS hella red-tip, etc etc

March 23, 2010

Update on the split

Today we pulled the engine out to give it a good cleaning job.
Fuelpump was leaking, so I overhauled it and it's now almost as good as it left the factory ;)
Romy started to tear the engine apart, so I can split the case this weekend, and Romy can start sanding and painting the sheet metal.
More soon!

March 22, 2010


Serges T2b needed MOT and some minor welding, so I helped him out today to fix his axle and get the bus in perfect condition.
Everything went well, and his car has a new MOT for two years!
If you want to see more from his nice rides, check out :D

March 21, 2010

of to the paintshop!

Finally, after a long long time..............the oval is getting his paintjob.
It will take a month, so in that time we will start on the split :)
Romy picked up some parts at Nico Kennis yesterday, thnx for that!
I will drop by at the paintshop now and then, so I will post new pictures as soon as there are updates!

March 19, 2010

'52 stripdown

Progress on the split!
Romy is stripping the split, so we can start next week with some minor repairs we want to fix before the season.
Front will stay like it is, but the rear has some old bondo repairs that needs some attention.
Engine will be pulled out next monday, and the camber really needs some adjustment :)

March 16, 2010

Wheels for the New Beetle

The ABT wheels are ON!
Couldn't resist to testfit the GeeBee's, but those wheels are wayy to small for this car......
It's looks cool imho!
It's time they gonna make some in 17" :D

March 14, 2010

Ninove, the early bay Bonanza!

Today we cruised with Serge to Ninove for the special early bay edition!
The cruise to the show was great, I think we drove fom Hazeldonk with 60+ cars :D
The show was perfect, no rain all day.....except for our ride home.
Check out the 150+ pictures I took today overhere
And here are some teasers as usual ;)

March 9, 2010

polishing Finny

Because my oval has to be ready for the painter before the 20th of march, I don't have much time to work on the split.
So Romy started polishing the original crown profiled trim, and it's turning out beautiful!
The windows didn't open when we bought it, so I had a quick look at it tonight and the mechanisms are working for we can see the original split windows!
And a major "oilleak" was found after we came back from our holiday............problem: the fuelpump is leaking fuel into the enginecase and the oil runs out like water!
We allready had the intension to get the engine out and give it a good overhaul, so that will be fixed next month.
Parts are on its way from Brezelwerks, wolfparts, keverland and collectors in Holland, so when we have the things we need, we can get some work done!
More pictures on the split page :)

March 8, 2010

Museum of Kaprun

One morning we went to the Museum of Kaprun.
A very small museum, stacked with cars......crazy!!
Hihlights were the ragtop zwitter, '42 kubelwagen, and 3 porsche 356's
But also some old Mercedes, A-ford, and other exotics where on display.
Here are a few shots from our visit:


We just came back from an awesome snowtrip to Austria!
3 days with sun, 2 days with snow and 1 day a snowblizzard..........OKAY!
We had so much fun :)
Down in the village it was cloudy, but as soon as you stepped in the lift to the top of the mountain, at 2200m. the sun was shining!
Check out some pics we made: