February 28, 2009


Spindles arrived from my friend at volksprojects, so the reassambling of Dennis singlecab could begin!
Bus dropped 4,5" in front, and 3,5" in the rear!
Now just wait for a nice set of wheels to finish this bus :)

Here some sneak previews, check out this page to see the rest!

February 18, 2009

Drop it!

So here's the story on my friend Dennis his '67 SC! 
New tranny is mounted, and the bus is back on his wheels.........8cm lower then standard :P
Now I only have to lower the front, so I'm waiting for a set of rebuild dropped spindles from volksprojects.nl
Come back in a few days to see!

February 16, 2009

What's going down in the shed ?

Keep an eye on this space ;)'67 OG dutch pick-up.......

February 10, 2009

Straight axle!

Finally, after a a few ups and downs with the tranny (4 gears in reverse :P) the bus is back on his wheels!
the wheels have a slight positive camber, but when we're going to make the frontbeam adjustable, we could lower the rear a bit to get it fully straight!

For now..........this is done :D

February 8, 2009

Mol 2009, fun!

We just came back from Mol (B)
Got myself a nice score........a rocksolid left door for the oval!
It's a standard model, but complete with window, inner parts, etc etc etc for a real nice price :)
And I made the usual photo's, not that much......weren't too much beauty's out this time
check it out!


February 2, 2009

FHM photoshoot

In January, Romy made it to the last ten contestants, and won a photoshoot with her '57 oval for FHM magazine.
We didn't make it to the first place, but the pictures from the shoot are awesome!
Winner was a '67 ford Mustang in mint condition, so no hard feelings about that ;)
More from Romy's shoot on the carsonedge website
I will post up more pictures when we have the full set on disc.