January 28, 2009

Berg in tha house!

And just to stay in the transmissions and engines.......look what I found in the mail today :D
My Gene Berg linkage, to fire up the Webers in my VW thing !
Now I finally can finish that engine too, got my checklist complete (except for a nice set of velocity stacks ;))

January 27, 2009

Old one out, new one in!

the old split is gettin' there!
Old transmission is out, new transmission ready to get in :D
Hopefully it's back on his wheels next Saturday!!

January 25, 2009

Barry's ride

In the meanwhile, I helped out Barry by lowering his OG dutch '65 beetle that has seen a lot in his 44 year old life.

But, it still runs like crazy, and looks awesome with all the dents and patina!

January 23, 2009

Romy's new wheel

Romy finally found a very decent (non restored) steeringwheel for her oval!
Because her steeringwheel was cracked in multiple places and paint was felling off every day, she really needed a nice wheel!
Just needs some polishing :)
Here it is, all original, just one crack..........and a horn button in mint condition!

January 20, 2009

They see me rollin'........

Patricks '59 patina scraper is ready :D
Forgot to measure how much it sunk to the streets, but will do that tomorrow!
Now it's time for a shower.......AND some photo's ofcourse :)

January 18, 2009

Straight axle

In the meanwhile.....some other projects are going well too!
Finally we finished the straight axle for the '66 T1.
We had the tranny for a long time, and with the 80 horses in the back.....we really need some longer gears :S
Friend of mine is making some adapters to mount the tranny to the springplates, and then we're gonna install the whole package!
So if you see a red/green/white split doing 140km/h on the highway......that's us with the new tranny!!

January 17, 2009

Progress on the '59

Today Patrick dropped by to check out the progress on his 5" narrowed ride.
He liked it!!
So the work went on, and this is the work for today:
Axle mounted, new tierods mounted, steering-damper mounted (not usual on the pre '60), steeringbox mounted, lowered the rear etc etc
It going fast!!
Hopefully it's road-worthy this tuesday ;)
I'll keep you guys up-to-date........

January 13, 2009

1959 going.......DOWN!

My friend Patrick dropped of his semaphored '59 patina bug for a serious loweringjob :)
This ride will get a set of dropped spindles, A 5" narrowed beam, 135R15 tires up front, and it wil drop a few splines in the back.
this car is really going down.....rub the fenders, and scrape the streets!
You'll love it!!!!
Check out this page now and then for updates :)

January 5, 2009

made it to the final 10.......!!

Thnx to you all, romy made it to the final 10 contestants for the FHM Magazine photoshoot from the www.carsonedge.com contest!!
Photoshoot will be done this upcoming saturday, in an deserted factory in amsterdam.
After that the photoshoot will be shown in FHM magazine !
Thank you all for voting so much, and I'll keep you guys informed after the shoot!
(I wil try to make some sneak previews myself and post them up here offcourse ;) )

January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!

To everybody, all the best for 2009 ! ! !

We started this year very well, with al little snowtrip around newyears-eve :)
Fresh snow, and minus 9 degrees Celcius, this was the best newyear so far!
Too bad we have to miss the KWF2009......but it is worth it!
Here are some pictures to get in the mood!

see you all soon on a different meeting somewhere.....for sure ;)